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A passionate artist, René Vardon has over the past forty years established a flawless artistic path. Thanks to his talent, persistence and regular exhibitions both in France and abroad, this wiz in the field of line and colour has acquired a solid reputation in Upper Normandy and won numerous awards and distinctions over the years.

A figurative artist, René Vardon moved to the Pays de Caux to practice his painting profession. A shrewd observer of nature, he has a gift for masterfully analysing and dissecting his subjects, which he conveys in expressive realist paintings that breathe both power and originality.

Whether painting landscapes, animals or portraits, the artist situates his motifs impeccably within dynamic and harmonious compositions. An expert drawer, he is also a veritable “light-catcher”, skilfully placing his colours with small adept strokes, an approach which has often called to mind the technique of “pointillism”, or the “small dot” as Gauguin so rightly called it, which Georges Seurat skilfully developed in the Neo-Impressionist movement. Yet René Vardon is not especially interested in pointillism, the aim of which was to “reproduce” each colour through applying complementary dots of colour side by side. On the contrary, many of his pieces show that, while he strives to apply brush strokes with great precision, colours are always treated very freely. René Vardon’s art is precise, full of life and sensitive, capable of rendering the impression of movement or the expression in a gaze.

He is an artist of sumptuous, colourful, bright and vibrant pieces that offer us a magical vision of the world.

Art Historian

René Vardon has two passions: painting, of course, but also a devotion to the Arts and artists. This led him to found the Association "Terroir de Caux" and the famous "Salon des Trois Vallées", thereby reuniting creators from the towns along the small coastal rivers, the Dun and the Saâne, and its tributary, the Vienne.

In the celebration of timber-framed and thatched cottages that is the Pays de Caux region, René Vardon built himself a dovecote-workshop from which he would create and teach. Yet he takes heed to exhibit his work both in France and abroad, charming those who have visited galleries and salons for the past thirty years. Several juries have awarded him the most enviable prizes and distinctions throughout his impressive career.

First, Rene Vardon's landscapes convey a rare movement, which is simply fascinating, while his accuracy of a high-quality dominates in seascapes wherein he dares and succeeds to create beautiful effects of shadow and light.

Attentive to the world of the strange in his portraits and his Venetian visions, René Vardon animates perfectly certain more intimate creations by brilliantly developing an amazing pointillism. This technique further enhances the shimmering light effects he seeks, as well as the colours, which are used with elegant moderation to suit impeccably-composed paintings that are steeped in charm and prove incomparably attractive.

André Ruellan
Art critic

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